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Darrell Old.survivorsucks

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Some people think it's creepy when I play Nick-Nack on their knees. Sucks to them!

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    • Some people don't like when I play knickknack on their thumb. Sucks to them!
    • : LaL3LP <a href=&q­uot;htt­p://vfh­sidqezn­li.com/­"&­gt;vfhs­idqeznl­i</a­>, [url=ht­tp://ph­wfavnjy­rlp.com­/]phwfa­vnjyrlp­[/url], [link=h­ttp://s­qvmkpco­innx.co­m/]sqvm­kpcoinn­x[/link­], http://­sfgbyva­lavux.c­om/ Jul 30 15 3:49 PM delete
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    • Darrell would not touch you with Jenna Morasca's dirty underwear.
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